The Brand

Angela Russo is the designer of Mirtilla Jewels, who grew up between Rome and Paris, selects the materials used and her craftsmen with extreme care.

Mirtilla Jewels is a brand of handcrafted jewels, most of which are made up of unique pieces.

"Drawing, traveling to the heart of the pink city of Jaipur to get inspired, choose the most beautiful stones, change your mind and sometimes draw again, observe the art of carving, define the details and create jewels that enhance the delicate ad wild side of femininity."

From the gold craftsman who creates the elegant design with expert hands, passing through the stone carver who needs great skill and long processing times. Each and every jewel is hand worked by artisans whose expertise has been passed down through generations. Mirtilla Jewels is prides itself on keeping the artistry of handmade jewellery alive and sources materials from trusted local certified suppliers.

The creations are inspired by nature and its vibrant colors.

Mirtilla Jewels love the idea of creating jewels born to be small masterpieces of immortality.